Enthusiast of the digital world, defending users since 2019. I am a User Researcher/UX designer with past experience in multiple digital fields. Currently focused on tackling climate change through artificial intelligence and human centered design at IES.

I possess the proven ability to help develop highly effective products thanks my to experience in designing various interfaces, software and applications. Moreover, I have a University Diploma in user experience design to prove it.

With my communication and interpersonal skills I easily build relationships with colleagues, clients and collaborators. I thrive in agile, fast paced environments where planning, analytical thinking and attention to detail is relevant to the team.

In my spare time, I play basketball, and I am a devote member of many evening meetups in Glasgow; some of these include UX Glasgow, IxDA Glasgow, Lean Agile, Skyscanner Glasgow Tech Talks, SEO Glasgow Meetup, UX Edinburgh and The Strategists.

I have been using the mac computer since 2010, and I am quite handy with many applications like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Premiere, etc. Although I am a mac lover, I am also able to edit and prototype professionally from regular desktops.


Current UX/UI Design Intern at IES Integrated Environmental Solutions. Roles include performing user research, Gather requirements from interviews with internal teams and clients; facilitate design sprints, moderate decision jams, empathy maps, user journeys; help marketing department further identify users, their needs and requirements; sketch prototypes and gather feedback with users, help the design teams deliver UI and prototypes. Contribute and collaborate to IES Design System with UI patterns and interactions



“I had the pleasure of meeting alessio during our time studying ux design at the ux design institute. alessio brings a passion to the field and he's been instrumental in helping me during my course studies. his enthusiasm is infectious and i'm looking forward to seeing all the great things that he will achieve in his career.”


"Alessio is a great UX Designer and an amazing host! I took part in his podcast Users First, and I can  tell for sure he is a very kind and collaborative person. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when we were recording a podcast episode. He is very knowledgeable about UX practices and methodologies. He is an inspiring person, treating UX as not only a hobby, but also a passion."


Alessio's favorite books!


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