First Bus WI-FI

Our research has shown that around 28% of First Bus costumers cannot access the free wi-fi provided by First Bus  


First Bus is one of Britain’s largest bus operators. They own nearly 6000 buses that carry about 1.6 million passengers every day across a huge number of communities. FirstBus has done a great job designing their routes, implementing contacless payments, and creating a mobile app that allows their costumers to easily plan journeys, buy tickets, and see live bus times, all from the palm of your hand.


FirstBus has been putting its energy into physical services, and has not realized that 20% to 40% of their costumers dislike their digital free wi-fi services

Why? What is the problem? 

We have interviewed, tested and surveyd a few users and these are the problems they encounter:

- Cannot access the wi-fi 

- Wi-fi is too slow

- Wi-fi is connected but now working

- Fill out form is not working

- Users do not trust public wi-fi

My solutions to the problem

- Reassure users that the wi-fi is safe 

- Make an easier Login

- Remove too many fill out forms and check boxes

- Improve wi-fi speed

Old design

New design

Among the popular Google Searches

FirstBus wi-fi problems have become an ashtag on Social media

Pain point design analysis

I put together a pain point analysis of all mistakes that will turn users off. I also highlighted the best practices used, but they are a minority. 


By surveying FirstBus users, I was able to validate all my assumptions.

60% of Firstbus users enjoy wi-fi

12% doesn't want to access the free wi-fi service for personal reason

- 28% cannot access the free-wifi  because of third party failures

Organizing all the data


Personas based on user research

Sketches and Prototyping

Sketching and high fidelity mockups

I sketched all the validations I gathered from my UX research and made a prototype. I tested the prototype with real users, got some very good insights, and eventually i finalized my prototype.

New UX interface

My interface is based on User Experience. Same information, but only 1 click away

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