IES Energy efficiency building software tools - Role & goals

UX Research & UX/UI

AI for good - minimise energy consumption 


About the project

Developing “Smart Alerts” to create Intelligent Energy Efficient buildings. “Smart Alerts” is the main AI powered functionality that this project will create. Its aim is to develop a web-based command centre that helps facility and energy managers to better monitor, analyse and predict the performance of any building portfolio in order to minimise energy consumption, reduce costs and meet net-zero targets.

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Software platform for building investments


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Analyse external user Research 
  • Make User flows, Journey maps, Scenarios
  • Sketches, & High fidelity prototypes
  • Present research findings and prototype to external clients.
  • Conduct user testing

About the project

Aiming to promote building energy efficiency investments. This platform will bridge the gap between building owners, interested in upgrading their buildings to consume less energy, and investors, that are willing to provide the capital investment and generate profit through energy bill savings following the retrofit.


Achieve energy efficiency in urban settings


  • Conduct user interviews

  • Share Research findings with the design team and stakeholders

  • Stakeholders interviews

  • Personas

About the project

Achieve a sustainable urban ecosystem with zero emissions and establish a 100% renewable energy city-region by 2050.