Who is this podcast for? Users First is for everyone who is keen to stepping into UX or UI design, and is also for everyone who can relate to the topics of Product design, Product development, Management and Marketing. If you are beginner in UX Design, this podcast is a great chance for you to get tips on how to rise and excel in your field, we also talk about courses and portfolio tips. If you are a Senior Designer, this is a an amazing opportunity for you to stay motivated and up to date with new tools and methods in Product Design, UX and UI, while If you are a Developer, Marketer or a Product Manager this is also an informative podcast for you to learn more about human centred strategies and the importance of Users when making or advertising a product.

Every week, a new guest comes to talk about their expertise in the tech industry, and a new episode is streamed every Monday evening on all available platforms



July 2020

#13 - Uizard's Co-Founder talks about rapid prototyping and why Uizard is such a unique tool in UX

Uizard's Co - Founder, Florian van Schreven, comes to Users First to talk about the latest up and coming prototyping tool he is been working on for the past 2 years and a half. Try Uizard's private Beta, it's still free for now!

#10 - Agile methodologies, Digitalisatio

Today, with Gavin, we’ll be talking about agile methodologies that he uses in the industry, tips for businesses and startups during these difficult times of Coronavirus, and why digital transformation is so important in all industries. We’ll also talk about the Scottish Tech Army, an organisation that helps businesses with the challenges posed by coronavirus, and also an opportunity for new designers to get exposure.

#12 - Being a product designer in Silicon Valley - with Lily Anna

Lily is an experience product designer in Silicon Valley as well as a one of the most followed tik tok influencers for product design and UX. In this episode, Lily takes the time to share with us many insights of her mindset and work habits, as well as what is like to be working in the San Francisco area. Listen to the end, as she also gives the titles of her favourite books, and how they helped her make her working style more efficient. Follow Lily on Tik Tok: @designalily

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