• Alessio Ferracuti

Snook Design and Climate event in Glasgow

Updated: Jan 25

How can we improve the environment by implementing design thinking?

This is what we were discussing at the Snook studio in the beginning of December in Glasgow.

So many good ideas were brought to our attention and many people from different fields were attending the event, which made the thinking process much more open minded. I had the pleasure to listen to many brilliant service designers with innovative sustainable product and service design propositions.

Short term design ruins us

Since many years ago, industries have been benefiting from short term benefit design like cigarettes. Cigarettes look great and we all look super cool when we smoke them, but have you ever wondered how else you might benefit from this product? is there an advantage to smoking cigarettes? How can this product be of use once it becomes waste? etc.

The answer is nothing, cigarettes wont be of any use, the only objective of this product was massive selling and addiction; no advantages have been found from smoking, a filter takes over a thousand years to disintegrate, the chemicals affect our brain so we can feel good when we smoke, and lung cancer cases have increased by 200% since cigarettes became of daily use.

My point is that shortcuts, poor research, greed and design all together are the worse combination ever. So... what can we do about it? 👇🏻 👇🏻

Millennial designers will change the world

We can build sustainable products that are affordable to anyone, and that will help reduce pollution. Before designing a product, we should also spend more time making "'product life map journeys'", and find out how people, industries, or the environment will be affected by the product we are designing.

Deisgn and Climate change
Design and Climate event in Glasgow

Not easy! but sustainable solutions is what we are trying to achieve at the Design and Climate event organized by Zoe, a great service designer in Glasgow dedicated to future thinking practices, and Ness, another fabulous senior service designer with a MCs in Sustainability and adaption. Both designers are from the Snook studio, they are extremely ambitious and eager to change the world.

Ever heard of the term "Think Global, act local"? Well they are doing it, and we should all be admiring their courage to do so. If you are in Glasgow around another Design and Climate event, you should definitely drop by!

Keep it going girls, you rock!