• Alessio Ferracuti

What is UX design and why UX design is important

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

What is UX design?

UX design is a problem solving discipline focused on building products that will solve problems for end-users. In a few words, a UX designer identify user problems and build software or applications with a design team that will help solve them. Great products not only solve problems but they generate positive emotions as well. You might be wondering, But How do we find these issues that users are experiencing? That is why research is such an important aspect of User experience design, because through research you can identify also their needs and goals. But that, is a more in depth subject which I would like to explain in another video in the near future.

User experience is not just about functionality and how fast, and smooth the process of using the product is, but is also about how users feel before, during, after using a product. We want users to feel in control while using our software or product, we want them to feel confident, smart that they can trust this product. What we don’t want, is users to feel out of control, have no control, don’t feel confident anymore about our company, they feel stupid, and think that things are not going to go well. We definitely want to avoid our user to experience any of these emotions while using our product.

So, Why Experience Design matters?

There is 3 types of users emotional aspects in design that will make a high quality product:

The first one is Functional Design…. Functional design is What a product is built to do, for example sportive cars have a powerful engine and a very dynamic shape that will make the car go faster.

The second emotional aspect is Aesthetic design….How does the product look like? Every car is unique because they all have signify something different. A sportive car looks different than a rally car for example.

The third one is Experience design… What does it feel to drive that car or that application? How easy is it to use certain features, how is easy is it to use the steer wheel in that car? Are the seats comfortable? And so on.

Functional design and aesthetic design by theme-selves are not enough to make a good product. If the product is beautiful and very innovative, but difficult to use, then It’s not going to be a good product. When people don’t feel good about something in a product, they will end up disguising the whole product. That negative feeling towards the software, application, or product will make users reject everything about it…. and this how most companies fail or even go bankrupt..

Summarizing everything you have read

So remember that all products need these 3 types of Design, only by using 2 you are exposed to failure. Wether you are building, developing, designing, marketing or managing a product, and you don’t have a user experience design professional around, it’s a very dangerous move. Technology is advancing, and so are the users expectations and that is why you need a UX designer in your team.

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